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Juna is a farmhouse with B&B formula, located in the historic village of Aurisina, on the Karst plateau of Trieste. The Post station, a school and even a cinema have ruled within its walls from the end of the eighteenth century on. Today, after a long and skilful work of philological restoration which has favoured the use of the typical elements of Karst tradition such as stone, wood and iron, a part of the building has returned to its original function, linked to the idea of voyage.

Juna wants to be an arrival point, a small landing place for those who come and visit us.


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Juna's Home

Our house, built at the end of the eighteenth century, is located in the heart of the historical San Rocco square of Aurisina. The bell tower of the San Rocco church with its clock marking the rhythm of our village: in the morning and during the day the sound of the bells is normal and familiar !

We have five rooms with private bathrooms, two living areas  and and a nice, little garden. In the living area bookcrossing service is available to adults, youngsters and children of any age.

Taste and scents of the Karst and seasonal products of our fields inspire the breakfast time in Juna for a good start of the day! We also utilize typical products of other local farms of the Karst area.

We have chosen "forgotten objects " for our interior furnishings: each item tells a special story which we will be happy to share with our guests!

In the inner court a tiny, delicious garden will accompany your relaxing moments. Bikers will also find a useful rack for their beloved iron horse !

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Juna Experience

  • the bridge

    the bridge

      the Bridge   The construction of the bridge-viaduct dominating the town is dating back to 1860 and is one
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  • the woodpecker

    the woodpecker

      the Woodpecker   The woodpecker is one of the small hosts of the horse-chestnut that you can admire looking
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  • the clock

    the clock

      the Clock   The bell tower of the San Rocco church with its clock marking the rhythm of the
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  • the obelisk

    the obelisk

      the Obelisk   In 1899 in front of the Church of San Rocco the monument dedicated to the Emperor
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  • the sources

    the sources

      the Sources   The sources of Aurisina, used since 1857 for the Trieste water supply, spring from the underground
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our vision

Juna is inspired by the slow pace of travel and discovery. In the old village of Aurisina you can still taste the typical country atmosphere, where time seems suspended and punctuated by the tolling of the bell tower that overlooks the square. It is the ideal place for those who want to indulge in a sweet digression from daily rhythms,becoming intoxicated by the scents and flavours of our products. Juna means to discover the charm of the historic center of the country, the beauty of nature trails that overlook the sea, the smells of the surrounding countryside.

In the Slovene dialect typical of the people of the Karst region “Juna” is the cornerstone, the architectural element supporting the load of the overlapping structures, forwarding it to the surrounding ones. But Juna is also something else. In its primary meaning it indicates vital force and youthful vigor. In both cases, Juna conveys the idea of force and strength, just like our Carso.


Maddalena + 39 339 508 1138 
Walter + 39 335 838 3533


Aurisina, 97/c
I-34011 Trieste, Italy
GPS 45.74946 - 13.67347