agriturismo Juna

nella piazza di Aurisina




How to reach us


Juna is located in the heart of the historical San Rocco square of Aurisina, the central square of the municipality. For the locals this area has always been a place for meeting, exchange and dialogue. "We shall meet on the square" is the usual greeting, indicating one of the best-loved places of the village.

Juna, like the square in which it is located, doesn’t want to be just a leg of the journey, but above all a spot for meeting and sharing, a place where people can feel good and at ease.






Maddalena + 39 339 508 1138 
Walter + 39 335 838 3533


Aurisina, 97/c
I-34011 Trieste, Italy
GPS 45.74946 - 13.67347