agriturismo Juna

nella piazza di Aurisina




About us

For over 50 years our family has been devoted to the cultivation and marketing of orchard and ornamental plants in the historic Aurisina shop, the Stanissa Agriculture. The family experience, combined with the love of the land and its products, led us to undertake the hospitality road. We are a family who has chosen to live on the Carso embracing the slow, natural rhythm that these places inspire. Land cultivation, animal breeding, production of plants characterize our Company on a purely family-run farm.

Juna is managed by Walter Stanissa and Maddalena Giuffrida, a couple united in life and work by the passion for these places of timeless charm. In the development of the Juna renovation project, special attention has been given to the opinion of little Margherita, who has helped Mom and Dad to choose natural and ecological materials!

Great attention has also been given to the choice of materials typical of the Carso tradition: the white stone of Aurisina, wood and iron.




Maddalena + 39 339 508 1138 
Walter + 39 335 838 3533


Aurisina, 97/c
I-34011 Trieste, Italy
GPS 45.74946 - 13.67347